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Jared York

Hi, my name is Jared York, owner of York Computer Solutions LLC and I provide a number of computer and web related services. I offer affordable web design and building custom computers. You can view more details about my services below. My first website I have designed was finished January 1st, 2016 for Georgetown Driving School LLC. Since then I built another website for Jenison Animal Hospital, P.C. that was finished in late August of 2016. I have experience building custom desktop computers as well. As of July 2017, I have built one server and seven network computers for Jenison Animal Hospital P.C., as well as my own computer and a couple computers for family. Another area of expertise I have is designing and developing two-dimensional computer games, the latest of which, Steer Clear, will be released early 2018.

Custom Computer Builds

I can build custom computers from a selection of parts the customer buys. My fee for building a computer is a flat-rate of $125.00 per build.

"Homemade" Web Design

One of my specialties is designing and developing custom websites from scratch. I use the latest techniques and trends in web technologies including HTML5 and CSS3.

Custom Computers Builds

$125.00 labor fee - service does not include parts

Jared installing a processor
Jared installing a processor.
Testing new computer build and loading operating system
Testing a new computer build and loading the operating system.
Jared is install RAM sticks into a new computer build.
Jared adding RAM sticks to a new computer build.

I build custom computers from scratch from a selection of parts based upon customer specifications. Feel free to e-mail me if you are interested in a new custom desktop computer at jared.york@jaredyork.com and I can give you part recommendations during a free consultation if desired. If you are from the local area west of Grand Rapids, I can deliver your computer right to your house.

Web Design

One-time flat rate based on project requirements - web hosting not included

From planning and creating the design of your dreams to making it a reality, I build fully custom websites from scratch at an affordable rate. Each website I build is made from scratch from the ground-up and is fully designed for both mobile and desktop browsers.


Georgetown Driving School
Georgetown Driving School
Jenison Animal Hospital
Jenison Animal Hospital

Letters of Recommendation

Steer Clear Project ~ Dan Klyn